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How can my organization acquire mobile numbers to which we can send text messages?
The great thing about the mobile channel is that there is no spam; mobile lists cannot be purchased. That means mobile opt-ins to campaigns are guarded by a strict privacy policy, which is a benefit to any organization using a mobile strategy because you have the benefit of building your mobile database from people who want to hear from your organization. The way to build your mobile database is to integrate mobile into everything you do. Calls-to-action should be executed through all marketing and fundraising communications.
What is the difference between mGive, The mGive Foundation and Mobile Accord?
Mobile Accord is the parent company for mGive. As the industry leader in mobile fundraising and engagement for nonprofits, mGive provides the tools, technology, wireless carrier connections and knowledge to help nonprofits make their campaigns successful. The mGive Foundation is a 501(c)(3) created to certify nonprofits wishing to participate in the mobile channel and facilitate the flow of funds from carriers directly to participating nonprofits. The mission of the organization is to drive innovation and to assist other nonprofits in their efforts to raise money and communicate with donors more effectively through the mobile channel.
What makes mGive different from other mobile companies?
1. We are the leaders in mobile engagement and fundraising. We officially launched the mobile giving channel in 2008 and processes over 85% of all funds raised through text donations. We have empowered our clients to raise over $65M in direct text message donations and currently manage an active list of nearly 1 million mobile supporters for various causes.
2. We have the tools to help you succeed. Our proprietary Evo2 mobile processing system is certified to handle 5,000 messages per second and over a million transactions per minute. Our web-based platform offers powerful tools designed to help you optimize your mobile campaigns. mGive’s Mobile Strategists are highly trained and the most experienced in the industry in helping clients achieve mobile success.
3. We work with over 500 of the top NPOs in the country. This means that you get the best practices and strategies that have worked for them.
4. We don’t simply give you the right tools, we provide the mobile expertise to help you achieve your goals. With over 10,000 mobile campaigns under our belt, we are behind some of the most successful mobile fundraising campaigns in history, including disaster campaigns such as the “Text HAITI to 90999 to give $10 to American Red Cross,” Keep a Child Alive campaigns on American Idol, and the biannual Stand Up To Cancer telethon.
Does mGive work with all wireless carriers?
mGive works with 60+ carriers in the United States giving your organization access to 99% of U.S. mobile subscribers. Participating carriers include:
  • - AT&T
  • - Sprint
  • - T-Mobile USA
  • - Verizon Wireless
  • And many more

  • For a full list of participating carriers, please visit

Mobile Fundraising

Can I demo the text message donation process?
Yes. Simply text the word DEMO to the number 50555 to make a demo donation of $0. (Msg&Data Rates May Apply)
How long does it take for a mobile donation to reach the intended cause or charity?
The distribution of funds is based upon the individual carrier’s billing and payout schedule. This is typically within 60-90 days, depending on the date a mobile donation was made. Funds generated from your mobile donation campaign are remitted to The mGive Foundation by the wireless carriers, which then passes 100% of those funds along to your organization – along with a detailed remittance report for each donation campaign you have.
How many text message donations can be made at one time? Is it possible for thousands to come in within a short timeframe without overwhelming the system?
Our proprietary Evo2 mGive system is certified to handle 5,000 messages per second and over a million transactions per minute. If you are anticipating a large volume of messages, please notify your mGive Account Manager so they can actively work with you on your campaign.
Can a mobile donor give more than once?
Yes. Mobile donors can give up to $25-$30 per keyword - per mobile billing cycle (varies by wireless carrier). Please note that at this time, the wireless carriers have agreed to process $5 and $10 mobile donations over their billing systems with 100% pass-through to the participating nonprofit.
How long does it take to set up text donation capabilities?
Getting started with our Impact Program is determined by three factors: 1. Completion and submission of The mGive Foundation application and supporting documents through the document upload center 2. The vetting and approval of your organization by the The mGive Foundation (typically one business day provided all information is complete) 3. Campaign submission and approval from the carriers. Your mobile donation keyword will be live on all participating wireless carriers between 1 to 4 weeks. Note: When you first register with, all your engagement and communication tools will go live immediately as we wait for the wireless carriers to provision your donation keyword.
What is the expected ROI of your services?
There are many variables to gaining a strong return on investment for a communication channel that allows you to research, engage, and solicit donations through text messaging. Our clients who have a sound communication strategy and a commitment towards continuous improvement often see the greatest success—and a solid return on relationships (ROR). Please schedule a Mobile Consultation for ROI discussions that are specific for your organization.

Nonprofit Approvals

Is there any leeway on the requirement that nonprofits be registered with the IRS for at least one year before applying to receive mobile donations?
No. There are strict requirements for every nonprofit interested in pursuing a mobile giving campaign.
Do you have information about mobile fundraising for nonprofits that are not 501(c)(3) status?
At this time, only 501(c)(3) organizations have been authorized to use the mobile giving channel. We do offer mobile services to nonprofit organizations outside of donations. Contact us for more information.
Are mGive services only extended to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations?
Any 501(c) can use the mGive platform for engagement and communication. At this time, only 501(c)(3) organizations are able to utilize mGive text donation services.
My organization does not meet the The mGive Foundation annual revenue requirement to raise funds. Are there any exceptions for smaller nonprofits?
The mGive Community Program empowers you to use mobile, even if you don’t currently qualify to collect mobile donations over the wireless carrier billing systems. The mGive Community program is ideal for nonprofits who are interested in cultivating supporters to give time, energy and resources to support their cause. Manage volunteers, raise awareness about events and poll your supporters about their interests through our mobile tools! Email or call 866.720.3350 for more information.


What is a keyword?
A keyword is a word sent in the body of a text message to a short code. Keywords trigger a donation or mobile community opt-in message through the mGive system from a nonprofit organization. For example, DEMO is the keyword in the call-to-action “Text DEMO to 50555 to give $0”. (Msg&Data rates may apply)
Can someone outside of the U.S. make a mobile donation?
At this time, the mGive system is only available in the US.
If we have an existing list of mobile opt-ins, can we move the list to your platform?
Yes. We make it easy to migrate your mobile opt-ins to our platform and apply best practices to notify your mobile supporters.
Do we have to be BBB certified to use your products/services?
No. You do not have to meet BBB Wise Giving Alliance Standards for Charity Accountability and can register through The mGive Foundation.